3American Airlines want to squeeze passengers

Right after Congress has publicly criticized the rude behavior of American Airlines crew, judging their abusive behavior to the travelers, they have announced that the company is ready to squeeze people on the plane tightly cutting the legroom in the economy class.

There will be smaller lavatories as well, according to the CNN investigation.

While CEO of Airlines has officially admitted in front of the Congress that dropping the man out the plane in a very abusive way was a failure – the horrible one, the company has no intention to change its attitude.

According to the new data, AA will cut the main distance between passengers’ seats in two inches, so there will be only 29 inches left. Not so much, let’s agree.

The aircraft with tighter seats will be represented a little bit later this year. According to the company, it will help to place more seats on the plane Boeing 737 MAX.

According to Steve Cohen, Tennessee Rep, this news sounds like everything that happened in the Congress only yesterday was already forgotten.

Adam Kinzinger, Representative of Illinois says that the normal distance should be changed on the legislative level. Once in the 70s, it has been already changed from 35 inches to the 31.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz and his colleagues were called recently to discuss the passenger safety and comfort. All representatives of the airlines assured that the industry is on its rise, passengers are supported with the high level of comfort and happy with the services.