2 Criminal investigation on Uber

Its use of a special tool Greyball to avoid authorities provoked the start of the official investigation.

And now Department of Justice in the USA is working on the new case about Uber. The program was made to avoid regulators who wanted to shut this service down, deceiving them.

Greyball is special software, developed by Uber-Company. It had to help Uber to enter new markets smoothly, while people did not know anything about young start up. It worked at the places where Uber was forbidden. The Greyball could lead the police on the false track, while they were trying to catch this service. It switched the real Uber program onto the fake.

This program was hidden until the New York Times investigation with a report in March. The journalists asked public whether this Greyball is legal.

After the huge scandal, Uber officials have promised to prohibit in their company the use of this software.

Last Thursday journalists have reported that there is an inquiry which is more like a criminal investigation organized by the City of Portland. Usually, an inquiry made by federal investigators does not end with charges.

Uber’s authorities did not give any comments about this situation, as well as the office of the USA attorney.

During the last few months, Uber is sinking in numerous scandals. It went under the fire not only because of illegal software but also because of sexual harassment, aggressive approach to business and so on.

According to the latest data, the company is under the official investigation.