5 Euro went to its highs before elections

On Friday euro has reached its highest in six months price, but did not manage how to get through 1.10 dollars threshold before the end of the working week and final vote in France during the second round of presidential elections.

Fall of oil prices pushed Canadian and Australian dollars to its lows.

During the last few weeks euro rose on the expectations that Emmanuel Macron, centrist will beat Marine Le Pen, the far-right representative during the French presidential election. In general, euro has gained 2.5 percent for the last weeks on the euphoria from national polls and debates outcome.

The European money has reached its highest price in six months today. Euro went to the 1.0990 dollars during the morning trades, right after Macron was named a leader in all independent polls. For the EU French elections became a turning point, after the Brexit intentions of Le Pen to separate France from the union scared many investors.

After some time euro has lost 0.1 percent and was equal to the 1.0968 dollars at the end of trading day, but still has 0.8 percent of the weekly gain.

The poll Elabe has given 24 leading points to Macron, which is 3 points more than it was suggested by earlier polls.

Analysts believe that with the Macron victory euro will be able to go far and receive more gain. While right now investors are not sure about safety of their money in the EU, French intention to stay inside the union can refresh their trust.