Three millennials now in charge of Uber’s business


Three young professionals will now be in charge of Uber’s main operations after CEO Travis Kalanick stepped down from his role for sometime just weeks after a pair of workplace probes found dozens of mishandled human-resources claims during his tenure.

Rachel Holt, Andrew Macdonald and Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty will be calling the shots over the Uber until Kalanick returns. While officially Uber will be managed by a 14-person committee until the return of CEO Travis Kalanick, these three executives will be in charge of Uber’s main operations.

The managers of Uber’s three regions were all consulting associates at Bain & Co within a few years of jumping aboard the young ride-hailing startup. Rachel Holt joined in 2011 to help put the first cars on the road in Washington, DC, Uber’s sixth city. The next year, Andrew Macdonald was hired to do the same in Toronto, while Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty oversaw France.

Holt runs Uber’s business in the US and Canada; Macdonald oversees Asia and Latin America; and Gore-Coty has Europe, West Asia and Africa under his belt.

Each regional manager operates with significant autonomy. They help determine prices in their cities and expenses for recruiting drivers. Regions have their own marketing departments and customer service representatives. Managers have final say in many of the legal and product decisions affecting their territories.


With the core business now in the hands of three executives, it’s up to Frances Frei, the new senior vice-president for strategy and leadership, to wrangle them and the 10 others on the committee.

However, it’s not clear who, if anyone, will step up to make bigger decisions in a company that’s historically been an autocracy. Employees are still reeling from Uber’s investigation by US Attorney General Eric Holder into cultural failings and other indiscretions, and must work on implementing the fixes he recommended. The company is spending lavishly on money-losing endeavours into food delivery and self-driving cars.


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