$1200 RED Hydrogen One smartphone announced

RED camera

A high-end camera company – RED – is jumping the smartphone bandwagon and to that end it has announced two smartphones – a $1200 aluminium Hydrogen One and a $1600 titanium Hydrogen One which are expected to go on sale in 2018.

RED is known for its super-expensive high-end cameras used to film blockbuster movies like “Transformers: The Last Knight,” “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2,” and “The Martian,” among many others.  RED’s Weapon 8K S35 camera costs $50,000, not including the lenses, batteries, storage units, and viewfinders, which can ramp up the total cost to over $70,000.

Coming to the smartphone,  the Hydrogen One will run the Android operating system on a 5.7-inch “hydrogen holographic display.” According to RED’s announcement, the Hydrogen has a “professional hydrogen holographic display,” which “seamlessly switches between traditional 2D content, 3D content, and interactive games.”  The screen is, according to the company, capable of displaying “holographic RED Hydrogen 4-View content (H4V),” “stereo 3D content” and “2D/3D VR, AR (augmented reality) and MR (mixed reality).”

It’s not clear how sharp the display will be, but RED touts that it’ll display 3D “holographic” content without the need for special glasses, though the company didn’t specify how 3D holographic content differs from traditional 3D content.

Little is known about the Hydrogen One’s internal specs. For the price it’s asking, we’d expect it to run on the latest and most powerful processor, with plenty of RAM to handle all that 3D holographic content the company is boasting. Anything else, and the high price tag would be a tough sell.


Like the company’s modular cinema cameras, the Hydrogen is all about attaching accessories. You can attach camera extras like “future attachments for shooting higher quality motion and still images as well as Hydrogen format holographic images.” The caveat: These accessories won’t ship at launch.

Additionally, the Hydrogen can be connected to the company’s Scarlet, EPIC and Weapon cameras as a separate control input and camera monitor.


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