New Surface Pro plagued by hibernation issue

New Surface Pro, Surface Pro

Reports have emerged that some New Surface Pro devices suffer from an unexpected shutdown or hibernation issue and social media platforms and forums are ablaze with complaints about this issue.

The reports are about the new Surface Pro, which was released recently. While waiting for a resolution could be one way to go, but the best recourse is to go ahead and replace the new Surface Pro while you still can. Microsoft has acknowledged that they are aware of this issue affecting a small group of customers and that they are investigating the issue.

Based on the fact that it has historically taken Microsoft months and months to identify issues and come out with a fix and since these devices are still eligible for return for full refund, you may want to consider returning for a full refund and repurchasing. If you do that, you get another 30 days of being able to return and repurchase, etc. The reason I say this is that 6 months down the road, Microsoft will exchange for a refurb if they determine it is a hardware issue and the quality of the refurbs has not been consistent.

Additionally, if it IS a software issue, customers should not need to perform multiple wipe and reimage’s and bare metal trouble shooting. These devices should just work properly out of the box.

Below are some of the user complaints that we have spotted on different forums and platforms online:

Just picked up the Surface Pro I5 Friday. At random intervals the screen goes black and the device seems to power off while I am actively using it (typing). Pressing the power button presents the black and white windows logo and a few seconds later a login screen with the desktop in the exact setup before the shutdown.

Another user says:

Hey all, I just got a i5 256gb 8gb ram surface pro last Thursday and 5 times it’s randomly turned off and went to sleep on me. I’ve installed a minimal amount of apps and I can check the event log and see a “”reason: application API”, ” log entry indicating that my surface went to sleep with very little other context. Has this been happening to any of you? Any ideas how to determine what App may be causing it and what I might be able to do about it?


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