Galaxy Note 8 launching on August 23, reports claim

Samsung Note 8

Reports have emerged claiming that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled on August 23 and that too in New York and while the company hasn’t officially announced it, the unveil date was allegedly discussed by one of the Samsung officials.

Earlier reports claimed an August 3rd or 4th week launch for Galaxy Note 8, and citing a report from The Bell, the same source that said Samsung wants the Galaxy Note 8 in stores as fast as possible, The Investor now reports that Note 8 should be introduced on August 23rd.

Like every year, Samsung is looking to beat Apple’s newest iPhone to market. But The Bell said that poorer Galaxy S8 might be one other reason why Samsung is looking to unveil the handset earlier than anticipated.

The primary reason behind Samsung going for an August unveil is that it wants to get a head start against Apple and iPhone 8. Apple is seemingly having some issues with the Touch ID sensor and the design of the iPhone 8 and that’s one of the reasons why the next-gen iPhone could be delayed. Samsung is likely going to capitalize on this delay and launch the Galaxy Note 8 earlier.

The tarnished image due to exploding Note 7 is another thing that Samsung wants to get rid of as soon as possible and the best way to wipe off a little tar of the Note 7 would be by launching a new Note that doesn’t have those issues and is much more feature filled and appealing to the masses.

There is one more thing which is pushing Samsung to bring this model soon. Some latest reports are showing that the total sale of Galaxy S8 is slowing down globally. Therefore the company is planning to bring the phablet quickly to stay on the top.

Many new things are going to make the new model Galaxy Note 8 interesting this year. The stylus S-Pen may be upgraded this time. It can have some latest translation-related functions. Moreover, Bixby will make the smartphone a brilliant alternative for many people.

Samsung will do all the things possible to make this model a big success this year. They are interested in winning the trust of their customers by showing that ‘Note’ brand is safe. The screen-size is expected to be 6.3 inches this time. Therefore this model will have the capability to include all the benefits of a tablet without any difficulty.


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