Bitcoin ATMs continue to increase globally


Regulated or not, Bitcoin is finding a huge number of takers from regular users to investors and thanks to this massive uptake, Bitcoin ATMs are also increasingly being installed across the globe.

According to latest statistics, during June the total number of bitcoin ATMs installed globally rose by over 7 per cent. US, Canada and Austria were the best markets for Bitcoin ATM installations, reports reveal. Data from Coinatmradar indicates that the trend of increased proliferation of bitcoin ATMs didn’t slow down in June with as many as 91 additional units being installed across the globe.

Out of these 91, 55 were installed in the US alone. The US market became the largest national growth during June. Major contributors to the US growth include the world’s largest bitcoin ATM operator, Coinsource – who opened 9 new terminals targeting major US cities, Florida based operator, Bitstop, who adding 8 new locations, and Rockitcoin – who installed 5 new locations also.

Canada also saw a near 10 per cent (9.2 percent) rise in the total number of reported cryptocurrency ATMs, with 15 new terminals being installed last month alone. Instacoin comprised 60 per cent of the growth, opening 9 new bitcoin ATMs predominantly concentrated in the Toronto area. In Austria, bitcoin ATMs were installed at 12 new locations marking a 46 per cent rise. Austrian operator, Cointed, was nearly entirely responsible for the growth, opening 11 new terminals during June.

Other markets also saw installation of bitcoin ATMs with Norway seeing the installation of first reported cryptocurrency ATM, with the number of active terminals in Taiwan rising from 1 to 3, and the Dominican Republic’s ATMs rising from 3 to 5.

According to Coinatmradar, 29 bitcoin ATM terminals were shut down last month. The closures include the removal of the sole reported cryptocurrency-ATMs in both Jamaica and South Africa.

The data would suggest that bitcoin ATM operators have not been perturbed by the possibility of an impending hard fork, with the number of terminals worldwide continuing to show exponential growth across June.


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