Bitcoin Cash support increases as Kraken, Bithumb confirming listing

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Bitcoin Cash (BCC) is garnering more support with each passing day with two exchanges – Kraken and Bithumb – more or less confirming that they will be listing the new cryptocurrency for trading in first week of August.

Kraken has confirmed to trustnodes in a statement – though still unofficial – that the exchange will be listing BCC for trading in the first week of August. The statement is said to be unofficial because the exchange is yet to officially release a statement revealing their stance on BCC.

The exchange has added in their statement that they just like the recent ETH hard fork, they will be crediting their clients with BTC and BCC and will suspend trading and funding for a certain hours to ensure safety from replay attacks. The exchange added that they will be listing both the assets created as a result of the hard fork – one that accept BIP141 or BIP95 and the other one.

As far as Bithumb is concerned they have officially revealed in a blog post that they will likely list BCC for trading on August 3. The exchange has also said that during the time when the hard fork is happening, it will be suspending Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. It will also suspend trading of Bitcoin from August 1 till the time BCC is listed.

Bitcoin Cash has already started trading on ViaBTC future where the cryptocurrency is faring well with prices hovering at around $550. A number of other exchanges have confirmed their support for BCC.

OKCoin International has said they will allow withdrawals, but are not yet sure about listing. Bitcoin’s biggest mining pool Bitmain mulls Bitcoin Cash (BCC) has also revealed that they are thinking over supporting BCC.

While there are those who are showing support, Coinbase and GDAX aren’t game and have already angered their users by stating that they will not allow BCC withdrawals. This stance has had a knock on effect on GDAX volumes of Bitcoin trading that have just recently fallen substantially.


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