Bitcoin Cash supporter list increases with Trezor and Ledger

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Bitcoin Cash (BCC) will come into digital existence post the August 1 hard fork and support for the new cryptocurrency is already increasing.

The latest to join the list of supporters are Trezor and Ledger. Trezor is a bitcoin wallet that supports other digital currencies like ethereum and Zcash as well and now it has voiced its support for Bitcoin Cash. Trezor has said users will be able to access an interface through which they will be able to access and safely claim your Bitcoin Cash coins.

Ledger Wallet also showed support for Bitcoin Cash and revealed in a statement that if users have BTC in their wallets, they will automatically get an additional BCC balance equal to the amount of BTC after the activation of the fork.

In other Bitcoin Cash development, OKCoin International has clarified their attribution of Bitcoin Cash to traders that are on margin at the time of the fork. They have said that borrowers would receive an quantity of BCC equvalent to their BTC balance withheld in the account, while BTC lenders would not be granted any BCC.

Further, OKCoin will also allow BCC withdrawals, but their position on BCC trading is unclear at this point. OKex, a new exchange launched by OKCoin has however stated that they will be listing BCC for trading post the August 1 fork.

Some still opposing BCC

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine in the BCC world as the likes of Coinbase and BitMEX who are still against BCC and have outright denied any support for BCC and even said that they will not allow their customers to withdraw their BCC. This a very strong position against BCC with some even claiming that it is outright theft of their digital assets.

Bitstamp has also said they will not be supporting BCC.


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