Bitcoin (BTC) price recovers after decline; Ethereum price increases on its birthday

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It’s Ethereum’s birthday today and seemingly as a treat to the cryptocurrency prices of the altcoin bounced by as much as 10 per cent reaching a high of over $200. Bitcoin price on the other hand took a beating initially, but it recovered and is now trading at a price higher than yesterday’s close.

On its birthday, Ethereum not only witnessed increase in price, but also saw its trading volumes increase to nearly $1 billion. Bitcoin price initially saw a decline but have stabilized as the day progressed. The ups and downs in the prices of ETH, BTC and Bitcoin Cash (BCC) will continue to happen over the course of next few days considering that the deadline for August 1 hard fork is nearly here.

BCC has been trading on ViaBTC in futures for quite a few days now and after a peak of $900 it has settled nicely at $400-$500 levels indicating that once the new cryptocurrency comes into existence, it will find lot many takers and will help Bitcoin thrive even more.

But everyone isn’t happy about the Bitcoin Cash (BCC) creation with Coinbase and GDAX opposing the cryptocurrency. The two have publicly stated that they will not be supporting BCC and will not allow their customers to withdraw their BCC. This stance has caused many users to leave Coinbase and withdraw their Bitcoin to other cryptocurrency companies and exchanges. Bitstamp has also said they will not be supporting BCC.

The list of those supporting BCC is a huge one. This list includes the likes of KrakenBithumb, ViaBTC, among others.



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