Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash finds one more supporter in Bitstamp

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Bitcoin Cash has been the talk of the cryptocurrency world for the last two weeks of so with many voicing support for it while others opposing it at the fullest extent possible. Bitstamp was one of the exchanges that had been in the anti-Bitcoin Cash group, but it turns out that one of bitcoin’s biggest exchange has now changed their tune.

In a new statement Bitstamp has said it will distribute Bitcoin Cash to all those who had bitcoin in their Bitstamp accounts before the first common block. Bitstamp said that it has recorded BCH balances for “the timestamp of the last common block (block 478558)” and these balances will be made available to the customers who had BTC with the exchange. Bitstamp will distribute the new cryptocurrency as soon as it is safe to do so, the exchange added.

That’s not it as Bitstamp has also indicated that it could even go a step further and list BCH for trading, but the timeline can’t be revealed now as there are lot many things to consider before such a step can be taken. A number of things including technical testing, safety evaluation and regulatory requirements need to be carried out and met before listing of BCH can occur on Bitstamp, the exchange added.

Bitstamp’s statements come just hours after Coinbase’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, also hinted through his statements that they could also be considering supporting BCC.

Why the change of tune?

Bitstamp’s change of tune can be attributed to the surge in BCH pricing and the support it has garnered over the last few days. A number of exchanges and wallet providers have come out in full support of the new cryptocurrency and not supporting it seems to be a damaging stance.

The combined value of the cryptocurrency duo Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash hit a high of $3511 today indicating that the new cryptocurrency has garnered support and that it will not vanish in the shadows of Bitcoin.


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