Will Coinbase support Bitcoin Cash and list it for trading?

Bitcoin Cash

It turns out that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) may eventually garner support from the biggest Bitcoin exchanges in the world – Coinbase – after all with the CEO of the exchange dropping hints towards possible support to BCH.

Ever since the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash was created there has been a new wave of support that has emerged signaling towards a trend that could ultimately see all bitcoin cash opposers jump over to the supporting camp.

Coinbase can be said to be the torch bearer among those who oppose Bitcoin Cash and ever since the possibility of a hard fork emerged, Coinbase has been raising its voice against the new cryptocurrency. It said it won’t allow users to withdraw their Bitcoin Cash and this was seen as an attempt of outright theft. GDAX also did the same thing and because of that it suffered in terms of Bitcoin trading volumes.

It is believed by many analysts that a strong stance against Bitcoin Cash isn’t going to be beneficial for all those who oppose it considering that it is part of the open market and if people do not find services with one provider, they will jump ship and move to the next one easily.

It turns out that tide is turning – first with Bitstamp announcing that it will award user Bitcoin Cash based on their Bitcoin holdings up to a certain period of time and now Coinbase also indicating towards such a move.

Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase that boasts of 8 million customers, has seemingly indicated that Coinbase may be leaning towards supporting Bitcoin Cash. To that end, Armstrong explain that they plan to add new assets to their trading platform over time and they want to ensure that such an addition is safe and within the legal limits and they don’t intend to rush with things.

Check out Armstrong’s statements on Bitcoin Cash in particular and new assets in general:



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