Bitcoin price hits $3000 mark and still rising past $3100 levels

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In yet another milestone for the cryptocurrency world, Bitcoin price has breached the $3000 levels and has established for itself a new high at $3130 and is still rising at the time when this article went to press.

After a week of almost stable Bitcoin price graph, what we have witnessed today is a massive near-15 per cent jump in values with the price not only breaching the $3K mark but also leapfrogging the $3100 levels – two records in matter of just few hours. This is in stark contrast to what Bitcoin Cash has seen – the new cryptocurrency that was created nearly a week ago and ever since has seen a decline in its prices.

Bitcoin price surge has proved many cryptocurrency pundits correct as it has managed to withstand all the atrocities of the lethal speculative trading world that nurtures itself on the fear spread through rumors and fake news.

Bitcoin continues to defy all the odds and surges beyond record levels cementing itself as the one cryptocurrency that people can bank on and rely on. Every other cryptocurrency you can think of has seen ups and down, but Bitcoin is the one that has seen far more ups than downs in its entire history.

When the cryptocurrency world was confused about Bitcoin Cash and its steep price declines, Bitcoin withstood the pressure and maintained stable price levels. If we go back a couple of more weeks, we can’t forget the steep decline in Bitcoin price as well when it a low of $1800 from $2600 levels in a matter of just a weekend. There were those who got scared and sold off their Bitcoin feeling that it was a crash from which Bitcoin will not recover, but that turned out to be quite the opposite and the latest price surge has put it on record highs.


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