North Korea Interferes with South Korean Bitcoin Exchanges

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Hackers from North Korea managed to attack South Korean Bitcoin exchange, in response to the United Nations new sanctions on their economic activity.

North Korea attacked by having cyber hackers interfere with the Bitcoin exchange, South Korea believes the attack really came from North Korea. One of the hackings were confirmed, where hackers found a way to control and send emails to company’s employees. If opened, those emails contain a software that could harm and control the company’s technology system. In regards to the attack, there is not a precise number of users that were affected by it.

The reasons behind the North Korean attack are still a bit blurry, but arguments include that the country was raising money to the financially troubled government. The same was aggravated by China’s rupture in North Korea’s coal export business. They also looked out for alternatives to not fully rely on fiat currencies which would be Bitcoin and other digital currencies, they would affect positively the country’s economy. North Korea was also seeking solutions to avoid the sanctions imposed by the UN. Besides the reasons stated previously, there is also a belief that the country is trying to send a message to South Korea, showing how unpleased they are with their support on the new U.S. sanctions.


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