Cryptocurrency Investment Continues To Grow


Cryptocurrency Is Still Seeing Large Investment

The total worth of more than eight hundred publicly traded cryptocurrencies has been sparked by new investment & increased valuations. In sum, assets in the crypto worlds have now managed to blow by the one hundred and sixty billion dollar mark for the first time. This move, which is now up more than one thousand five hundred percent since the start of the year, has turned the heads of many investors in this new market.

The new high was set even during the time with the market’s biggest asset, bitcoin, traded sideways. Bitcoin has been trending around $4,400, which is about one percent lower than its all time high at more than $4,500. In conjunction with this, Ether and Bitcoin were both flat on trading but it seems like most of the increase in the top ten cryptocurrencies was trimming down to two assets. Ripple’s XRP token and monero’s XRM token jumped nine percent and just under eight percent respectively, over the last day or so.

On the Ripple token increase, it ended up regaining its position in the top ten according to its market cap, following some time out of the lime light. In other places, the investment into digital currency like litecoin have been a bit cooler. This may have been a result of the crypto hating al time highs earlier this week when it ran above $60.


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