Does More Cryptocurrency Attention Mean More Opportunity For Cybercrime?

cryptocurrency cybercrime hack

The obvious attention that bitcoin’s explosive price increases have brought to the world of cryptocurrency can not be ignored. For investors, the time for caution is now especially considering that the industry could be under heavy scrutiny by none other than cybercriminals.

Force point reports that Trickbot, a banking trojan, is now looking for cryptocurrencies and weaknesses in their security. The privacy advice and security website, Comparitech, showed that there is a phishing scam that is now targeting bitcoin and scamming it from bitcoin users who are new to the cryptocurrency.On top of this and if all of this wasn’t enough, South Korea’s bitcoin exchange was successfully targeted and hit by what some think were North Korean hackers.

With cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin hitting all time highs this year, there’s no wonder why cyber criminals are looking for ways to scam users.

“Malware has existed since at least 2011 that harvest’s bitcoin wallets. Crypto-currency is becoming more mainstream. Ransomware has certainly bought it to the fore and now the public are aware of it, thus more people use it, there is more money contained within those systems and cybercriminals follow the money. They see it as a good ROI for them,” Carl Leonard, principal security analyst at Forcepoint, told SC Media.

Tricot was used against large financial institutions to scrape conventional currency and has been updated by a user to include cryptocurrency exchanges like coinbase and rough one hundred and thirty other banks.


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