What’s Going on With the Paragon ICO?

paragon coin

There is currently a lot of talk regarding Paragon. Paragon is an ICO, rapper-endorsed and a marijuana stock that has everyone waiting to invest their money.

One writer on the ICO stated that “information about Paragon Coin is very sketchy. It is quite difficult to decipher the meaning of Paragon Coin and what it is intending to do. However, reference to the cannabis plant is quite evident. All of a sudden, members of the internet (who have some disposable income to spend) are invited to become a part of something great.”

There has been some talk of a confirmation regarding the outfit ICOBOX and that they are helping Paragon create their ICO. ICOBOX is a company that bills its 50-BTC services as a service that will cover everything to get ready for a successful ICO.

With the introduction of a racy, Tesla car involved music video of sorts, people are a little unsure of what ParagonCoin is actually offering. With 2017 being the year for ICO’s, there has also been a spike in blockchain applications for almost every problem that we currently face. The bar may be set high for these products, but there is a little bit of uncertainty when it comes to the execution. If there is going to be a blockchain application, it needs to have substantial substance and a decent positioning in their respective market.

The area regarding Paragon may seem slightly unknown, but the author giving the information on it is a professional in the trading industry. People are extremely interested in buying what Paragon has to offer, but some are just confused and may be slightly turned off to buying it due to their misunderstanding of what Paragon is actually offering to the consumer. If it is what investors are expecting, the hopes are high that it will follow suit and be a big ICO.


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