Experts Think That Cryptocurrency Could Reach $1 Trillion in Market Capitalization in 2018


The market on blockchain and cryptocurrency has hit a staggering high in the latter half of 2017. With the high gains reported in 2017 alone and over $2 billion invested into initial coin offerings, it does not seem like the market is slowing down anytime soon.

During 2018, expert economists have suggested that the market may reach $20-$25 billion in investments made to initial coin offerings or ICOs.

If the market capitalization for cryptocurrency can surpass the high amount of $500 billion, it will show that there is in fact no slowing down in the industry. Rather, the market will then go from there and continue until it hits the psychological barrier of $1 trillion in market cap.

As the investments in the space of cryptocurrency continue to rise, so does the amount of technology and innovation associated with the market. New applications and companies are coming out with new solutions to solving the problems that cryptocurrency faces. Some of those problems include its adoption into the mainstream financial system and so on.

New factors are coming into play as more and more realize the potential that bitcoin as well as cryptocurrency has to disrupt the market. Market’s such as that of Russia and Japan have begun to take a leading stance in the industry of cryptocurrency.

Some are beginning to say that the market may be a bubble which could lead to a loss of investment returns. There are some facts refuting this such as the amount of money being invested constantly in new start-ups and ICOs seems to continue rising investments at a steady pace.

The market on cryptocurrency is one that is complicated as well as interesting. There is a large amount of potential, but only if steady growth is the principle guiding factor as time goes on.

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