A New Cryptocurrency Trading Platform is Revolutionizing the Market


One cryptocurrency trading platform known as Alttradex, has announced an ICO that will take place soon. The company is planning their initial coin offering for the 25th of October, which will run until the 5th of December. The company is based on the creation of a new platform built by traders to enable traders to buy and sell the coin.

The ICO will help the company to develop the platform further, and build a community for traders to begin trading on day one. The hopes are that the company will be able to use any revenue generation, to attain licenses that will allow for further trading on the platform.

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One of the companies revolutionary ideas is approaching the market knowing there may be legislation shortly. The company has decided to work with the regulators instead of going up against them like many companies have done.

One of the principle applications of the platform is to give tools to a person’s cryptocurrency portfolio that would allow for up to 1 million transactions per second. One of the other hopes is that the platform will be able to use liquidity from multiple platforms to allow for maximum liquidity to the investor. Liquidity is often an issue with cryptocurrency as many markets around the world struggle to communicate with one another. The hopes are that the Alttradex platform will help traders to trade their coins from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night, without seeing large amounts of liquidity drop in the coins they are trading. With cryptocurrency being one of the largest emerging markets today, companies like Alttradex are helping to transform the market and make it ultimately more accessible for all who wish to trade on the digital currency platform.


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