Issues With Kraken Service Disrupt Cryptocurrency

kraken bitcoin

A large amount of news recently across the board for cryptocurrencies. The past few days alone have been quite detrimental and telling for several of the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization as well as their run off currencies.

One of the biggest issues as of recent has been the issue with scalability. Many of the top exchanges throughout the world have become riddled with scaling issues that mean unresponsive trades for consumers and lost time and money for investors.

Although one would think that the largest exchanges would overcome this issues, but they have not up to this point. What is happening is actually quite the opposite. The exchanges are making it more and more difficult for investors to invest.

Kraken is a company that has caused a large amount of issues recently. Users have been complaining around a myriad of issues with the service as the company has refused to upgrade or change its platform and infrastructure. It is difficult to understand given that the company is worth millions and has a large amount of potential in the market to grow substantially.

Over the weekend, those who trade on the platform had a large amount of issues including slow loading speeds, HTTP errors, trades failing to execute in time, and API issues. All of this issues seem to be a recurring theme on the Kraken platform, which is why investors continue to be angered with the platform.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the cause of why this occurred, but one of the main issue is the fact that Kraken has refused to fix their infrastructure. The company is one of the top players in the Bitcoin exchange industry which leads many questions to be unanswered as to why they cannot fix their platform.

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