Will Neo Replace Ethereum For ICOs?

neo ICO

No matter what your stance is on initial coin offerings (ICOs), there’s no doubt that there will be more coming. But where many were and are built using the Ethereum technology, NEO is quickly becoming another viable option. Similar to Ethereum, NEO is targeting the ICO crowd. Even though it hasn’t been determined how far the law will go to intervene, NEO’s ICO template is built for people to take a look at. It seems like this will check all of the boxes when it comes to running a successful ICO campaign.

Of course it is always intriguing to see how these money raising templates will be built and in turn, used or modified to fit specific needs. Ethereum has ICO templates like this with things like dedicated guides on how to make and issue tokens. Something called Smart Contracts are invaluable tools in this manner since both Ethereum and NEO hold keys to this technology. It would seem that the marketplace could see another ICO boom that involves the NEO ecosystem as opposed to the Ethereum ecosystem, in the future.

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New templates that have been released to the public already show that it will be much more simple to use for companies and individual projects to host their ICO on the NEO network. Even with most people preferring to run an ICO on Ethereum, it’s a matter of time until infrastructure can’t mate up with the increasing demand for these kinds of tokens. Because of the higher frequency of volumes that the Ethereum network sees from highly popular ICOs, the network itself can get heavy backlogs to cause numerous issues.

It’s still up in the air as to whether or not NEO will encounter similar issues but new features of the NEO technology could offer ICO organizers different capabilities. For example, if a crowdsale is complete and someone makes an attempt to send money, the transaction will be bounced back and the funds will not even leave their cryptocurrency wallet. This is an important part of a truly successful ICO framework.

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No matter if it’s Ethereum or NEO, ICO’s will continue to be popular for times to come. In spite of opposition from regulators and governments around the world, NEO may become a new solution for initial coin offerings and time will be the gauge.


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