How Cryptocurrency is Changing the Real Estate Market


    Cryptocurrency is a market that many associate with high gains and incredibly volatile price swings. The market has become incredibly popular this year, with a massive amount of media coverage drawing investors in. with hundreds of different cryptocurrencies flooding the already flooded market, what are some other ways to get involved in the crypto world? A new series of cryptocurrencies have become devoted to real estate, and investing in such. These coins first start with what is known as an ICO.

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    An ICO or initial coin offering is incredibly similar to an IPO or initial public offering. Instead of a company offering shares in their company, an ICO issues coins that can be held on to for investment sake, or traded for other cryptocurrencies. This has very quickly become one of the top ways to raise money in the country and has overtaken the amount raised by venture capital funds in just sheer numbers. A new token known as PRO has come out on the Propy platform. The coin is essentially attached to a listing site that allows investors to invest in homes and home prices buy just buy-in the currency.

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    There are currently eight cities associated with the coin that allow investors to invest, which serves to make quite a broad market. Given that this is quite new, it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the greater market. With around 17 million tokens in circulation and a market cap that is similar, the coin is already up over 23%. This shows the interest by investors to continue investing in new markets. The hopes are high that the industry on cryptocurrency can continue to stabilize slightly over time, leading to it reaching its full potential as an investment and currency.


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