Could Riding a Bike Pay You in Cryptocurrency?

obike cryptocurrency

While fitness may be a goal for many for the new year, a new company could help to incentivise people to get fit even more than the guilt they feel from all that Christmas food. One company is hoping to pay individuals in cryptocurrency for something as simple as riding a bike. The firm oBike, out of Singapore has recently released its plans to issue its own oCoins, to investors, which is tied to Tron or TRX.

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Those who ride a bike for the company will be able to earn these oCoins just by riding the bike. More riding equals more compensation and so on. The company has stated that oBike users can rent a bike for a little over $1 an hour. Instead of being rewarded the way companies traditionally reward their consumers, the company hopes to give cryptocurrency out instead. According to a report done on the subject “Tron, based on the encrypted “distributed ledger” technology known as blockchain, is one of several new digital currencies created this year as bitcoin and related offerings enjoyed a boom—while the phenomena also drew warnings to investors from regulators around the globe. The group behind Tron, the Singapore-based Tron Foundation, founded by a group of young Chinese tech entrepreneurs, says it aims to create a platform where entertainment artists get paid directly by consumers using its cryptocurrency.”

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The currency is currently trading at a little over $0.03 per coin. Cryptocurrency is an incredibly new system, with massive media attention only occurring over the course of the past year or so. With many individuals seeing massive success in this industry, the unstable nature of cryptocurrency continues to bring in investors as well as drive some away. The hopes are high that the industry can stabilize as we enter the new year.


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