How to Get Involved in Enigma

enigma coin

Enigma has prized itself recently as the only coin to remain taking in high gains as of the most recent cryptocurrency crash. The coin managed to rise around 73% during the beginning of January, but then had a slight effect from the aforementioned crash. The coin is backed by a team of MIT graduates, with a further backing from an even more impressive academic whitepaper. Many of the investors in the team as well as the advisors include the CEO of Abra, Bill Barhydt and Director of MIT media lab, and so on. Enigma works by creating an off-chain storage for private data, according to the company.

The coin “s attached as a second layer to an existing blockchain. Parties can store and run computations on the data without being able to view the content unless the existing blockchain grants access. Using a Turing-complete scripting language, each node is given a stand-alone piece of seemingly random information so that no single party has access to the complete data; this allows privacy to remain totally decentralized.” The team further stated that “By implementing this function via smart contracts, Enigma enables users to send encrypted content using smart contracts, without comprising their computation, and preventing any single party from viewing the content.”

One of the easiest ways to buy bitcoin remains on the two popular exchanges within the country. One of those being Binance and the other Bittrex. The coin is currently listed under the name ENG. With the ease of use, and the large amount of potential behind the development team, it seems like there is still a large amount of potential for the coin to grow. The hopes are high that in the near future the coin will be able to continue providing high gains to investors.


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