Could Raiblocks Hit $20 Soon?

railblocks cryptocurrency

The coin known as Raiblocks has been prevalent in the eyes of investors in the cryptocurrency space for quite some time now. Offering up solutions that other coins cannot, the coin has managed to gain quite a large cult following. The currency has had a large amount of action against it in the past couple of weeks with the most recent cryptocurrency crash.

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The coin hit a high of around $36, where it then dropped down to a stable amount of around $18. The coin has however shown a large amount of potential in the space of growth and resilience. Many believe that the crash in the coin most recently is little more than a correction to the coins price. With a massively inflated price of the aforementioned $36, many economists decided that this was too high to be hit and remain stable. There has been a large amount of support at this $18 mark, which is noted for a long time now.

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A new report on the coin states that “RaiBlocks being stable right now is like the silence before the storm as the currency price is likely to cross $20 really soon. Moreover, a positive, bullish trend is now appearing on the graph where a consistent growth is being observed. XRB price was at its lowest at $11 – since then there has been a strong and stable growth which has been observed.” The coin has a large following to it as well which helps to ensure that interest will remain through the tough times that the coin faces. As we enter the new year of cryptocurrency, it will be interesting to see what occurs in the space of alternative coins, as they reach a level of popularity that many thought was impossible up until this point.


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