How Cryptocurrency Could Become More Mainstream

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Cryptocurrency has been around for quite some time now, but the main issue resides on how it can effectively become more mainstream as the technology grows. According to the founders of the Divi Project, Geoff McCabe and Tim Sanders, cryptocurrency can often be quite confusing for anyone who is involved. The current way of using cryptocurrency to send money is quite a difficult process. It can involve downloading several apps, connecting banks, transferring money through different currencies and so on.

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The Divi Project has proposed a solution to this. Their solution is to eliminate many of these barriers that exist and instead function similarly to some of the largest money transferring systems out there. The goal is to work as seamlessly as giants such as PayPal, Venmo and others. If projects and companies alike are able to simplify the process if using cryptocurrency, many professors and individuals in the space think that the market can grow to new heights that is has never before seen. McCabe stated that “eventually the banks and the government will get on this because the technology of blockchain is so powerful and amazing that it can’t be denied.”

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Sanders stated that the way the technology works could be similar to how Facebook made the world become individual publishers of their own material. He stated that “cryptocurrency decentralizes money the same way social media decentralized publishing. We all become currency owners and creators.” Since the market on cryptocurrency is quite new comparatively, many do not know where it will go at this point. The hopes are high that this new and building market can continue to grow across many industries, cementing its place in the economic sphere for some time to come as many new faces begin to get involved.


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