How Futures-Backed Cryptocurrency is Changing the Industry

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James Zdralek has been on the frontline of working to incorporate the futures industry with that of cryptocurrency. As senior executive in charge of user experience at the enterprise software firm SAP, he has helped to define new ways that modern financial instruments could be intertwined with the current state of the cryptocurrency industry. During this fight to mix the old with the new, central banks could potentially be losing the massive amount of control they currently have over where there money is and what power they do have.

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According to the report “this new breed of national currencies would be backed by cryptocurrencies that are in turn backed by the actual output of a nation’s industries. This network of cryptocurrencies could theoretically result not only in a natural interest rate – reflecting actual market conditions rather than policymakers’ wishes – but also built-in stability.” He stated that “those two things combined, would be much better than bitcoin, much better than fiat currency.” Since Zdralek has been workshopping the idea for the past couple of months, he has since gone into academia to see where the concept can go at this point.

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If it is able to become a success, he believes that the campaign would help within several aspects of SAP’s business model, helping to lower inflation and gain in value. He stated that “this is a beyond-the-edge concept which is uncomfortable for some people. In my opinion, this is a good warm-up before the big race.” He further stated that “it ends up being the same simple kind of monetary system on the surface. But behind the scenes, it’s much more complex to create a very stable value and natural interest rate.” The hopes are high that this theory is able to be reproduced into the broader market.


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