Things to Consider Before Investing in Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency has very quickly become a prominent figure in the world economy. With a total market capitalization somewhere around $700 billion, the market on crypto looks like it will continue to flourish throughout the new year. Tony Giordano is a prominent investor in the cryptocurrency and real estate market, who has helped to change how both work. Giordano stated that “what I’m trying to teach agents is, do your research if you want to invest in it, but regardless of the investment side, this is a real currency and you’d better learn it and understand it. They’re not realizing, it’s here now as a currency to be used in the purchase and sale of a property.”

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Giordano has already been working on selling homes with the world of cryptocurrency. He now asks his clients if they would like to pay using cryptocurrency. By giving buyers more options, they are more inclined to purchase the house. This can also help buyers fall under the radar in terms of tracking and more importantly for taxation purposes. Giordano stated that “that’s our job in marketing property, especially luxury real estate. Never assume where the buyer is going to come from. Make sure we get this property out there and say we are open to all currencies and crypto being one of them.”

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There are currently a few hundred listings online for purchase with the option of cryptocurrency, which is a breakthrough for both markets overall. Cryptocurrency is a relatively new market, leading many to feel untrustworthy of how unregulated it is. The hopes are high that this market can help to transform the world economy and how we pay for things on a day to day basis as we come upon the next few years of cryptocurrency.


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