What’s Going on With Ethereum Classic

ethereum classic

Ethereum Classic still reportedly remains underpriced considering its older brother in the cryptocurrency industry. As the market on crypto continues to explode, the hopes are high that this breakthrough currency will help to pick up the slack that Ethereum leaves behind. ETC or Ethereum Classic has not looked great in the past week or so. The price of the coin has not managed to recover after going up against bitcoin. Given the nominal returns on the US Dollar, this is not too surprising. The coin still may have a lot of hidden value for long-term growth.

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The team stated that “The fate of the currency depends fully on the roadmap that the company will release, and new updates to the software of the currency that will likely be conducted throughout this coming year. “The main accomplishment was that the team was established, that was a very challenging task, with very limited funding, under constant pressure from all sides and toxic environment, but by end of the year we grew up to 8 full time members in the ETCDEV team. The team got established development processes, working full time on core ETC projects, and will continue to grow.”

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The project has helped to diffuse the failures that could’ve occurred if the coin was not updated at all. With the blockchain technology that powers the entirety of the cryptocurrency world, this new coin looks like it may have a promising future to look forward too. Given that the entire industry on cryptocurrency is still relatively infant, it is no wonder that the coin is struggling with its price action in the most recent times. As the coin is able to mature throughout time, the hopes are high that it will be able to gain some traction as the currency of the future.


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