A Cryptocurrency Sell-off is Going on in the Market Right Now


The current sell-off of many of the top coins in the cryptocurrency world such as bitcoin, ripple and litecoin has shown that the market is still in its infant stages. The reasons for the sell-off are quite broad, but there does appear to be some valid reasoning behind it. After bitcoin fell by nearly 40% back in December, Ripple was able to maintain its price and skyrocket as well.

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The rally quickly shot over to many of the other top alt coins in the space, helping to bring the market back to where it should be. As Ripple continued to Rally, other coins in the space began to enter a selloff. Ripple then caught up with this and has since been on the path of a massive sell-off seeing new lows in the price. One of the main reasons that the coin has begun to enter this selloff is the fact that people have been moving deeper into the alternative coin space. With a massive selection of coins with high volatility that could effectively bring large gains as well as large losses, investors have begun to get involved on that front.

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This is not something that is abnormal either, as in many markets people tend to move away and come back to certain investments. Given that the market on cryptocurrency is so new, it will take a while before it is able to stabilize to the point of being a market without so much risk. As more and more regulators enter the market hoping to make it apart of the world economy, more and more pushback will likely occur. Only time will tell what happens to the future of Ripple as a coin and as a promising technological company.


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