ZeroEdge.Bet Expands Its Reach With New Offices In London


ZeroEdge.Bet with the aim to expand its reach across major cities in the world recently announced the opening of brand new offices in London. The start-up company is currently engaged in building a blockchain-based online casino network and made this move to promote the unprecedented growth of the business, much ahead of the proposed ICO dates for 2018.

The new offices are expected to open within the coming few weeks and the team of ZeroEdge is extremely eager and excited to meet the followers and fans of the Zero Edge online casino network in the offices. The team comprises of experts from various fields including cryptocurrencies, online gaming, support, marketing, and much more. The company is as much anxious to welcome the gamblers in the United Kingdom as its fans and users.

According to the CEO of ZeroEdge.Bet, Adrian Casey, it is great news for them and their community and that they are delightrd to have a new office in London. He further said that one of the reasons for opening an office in London was to get easy access to the skilled job market as blockchain experts, marketing gurus, and gambling industry executives are all in London. Casey said that they will be looking to grow their team to help the company with ZeroEdge’s development on all the aspects of the business.

Zero Edge’s Zerocoin Revolutionizes Online Gambling Scenario

The online casino network of Zero Edge is a revolutionary and novel way of presenting online casino games to the global gamblers. Traditionally the online casino focuses on making millions and millions of pounds by making you lose. Zero Edge is working on an entirely new concept. It offers 0% edge games thereby creating demand for Zerocoin. It results in an increase in the value of Zerocoin.

So, in this case, the profit is not made from the losses of players but by increasing the value of Zerocoin. This sure is a revolutionary way to play gambling online and is expected to disrupt the traditional online gambling industry.


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