A Large Proportion Of Funds Targeted At Stopping AI Apocalypses Emanates From Crypto Donors


    The Machine Intelligence Research Institute recently unveiled its fundraising statistics and from a mere outlook it was easy to tell that it was enjoying significant support from the cryptocurrency community.

    It is crucial to point out that its 2017 annual fundraiser saw it generate about $2.5 million which was double the set target of $1.25 million. A person well conversant with the matter but who wanted his identity kept anonymous said that 66% of the funds were handed over in the form of cryptocurrency.

    He went further to outline that quite a significant donation was made at the time when the fundraiser was coming to a close. It was an ethereum donation whose worth was estimated to stand at about $763,970 and it came from Vitalik Buterin who happens to be the one that invented the smart contracts cryptocurrency. He was also one of its co-founders.

    A number of the market observers have moved ahead to term the donation of Vitalik the third-largest single contribution that the research institute received has ever received since its establishment.

    It was way back in 2000 that it was founded and it is crucial to pin t out that the Machine Intelligence Research Institute in its many years of business operations has laid a major emphasis on the survival and freedom of the human race. It has also done much in the area of the super intelligent machines and it is important to point out that the target is to create a much better future for all.

    An official familiar with the matter while addressing several journalists said, “Other recent examples include the $86 million bitcoin charity Pineapple Fundsupporting the development of MDMA as a treatment for PTSD, testing universal basic income in Africa, open source software and similar innovative projects.”

    Are you one of those persons that have been looking forward to being a part of the futuristic charity? Are you worried that to this point in time you don’t yet have with you millions in crypto to give out as donations? It was recently when UNICEF unveiled its latest initiative which seeks to harness the power of GPU mining which will have much to do with the creation of the newest form of philanthropy.


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