Auctus Launches A Blockchain Based Retirement Planning Platform


Auctus has launched the first platform in the world offering Smart Contracts for the retirement-based plans. Alpha platform has officially been launched on Ethereum’s Rinkeby testnet.

The Auctus platform is the first network in the world to personalize retirement portfolios, depending on on fiat currencies and the cryptocurrency has improved its platform to another level referred to as Auctus Alpha.

Based on the information on the company’s website, Auctus Alpha Platform focuses on limited use cases: Robo and Human advisor portfolio recommendations”.

The new platform launched allows you to choose between different portfolio recommendations, made by the community, assisted by a robot advisor or simply in the human advisory marketplace, while taking your targets as well as profile into consideration. The platform also gives you a clear idea of where the team behind Auctus is headed to.

Daniel Duarte, the CTO at Auctus pronounced that they were very excited about the way things were doing. He further affirmed that the released platform provided the market feedback from a worldwide community.

Due to various partnerships as well as the membership of Auctus in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, it recently made headlines and gained popularity. The company is also known for following the best practice standards, which helps to maintain a strong token model as well as token economics.

The Auctus platform tend to streamline the way of picking out options preferred by the customers when it comes to choosing retirement portfolios. It is free to decide based on their preferences the needs between the recommendations are made available by the financial experts’ community.

Financial Experts earn AUC tokens when they offer advisory services, recommendation portfolios, specialty newsletters, live via social media or telephonic support. Expert recommendations can be accessed by anyone through a messaging app. if the predictions are satisfied, They pay using AUC tokens only.

Robo- Advisors, according to the Auctus’ website, or the third party Robo- Advisors earn AUC tokens when they distribute investment strategies. These strategies can be accessed through the information on the blockchain-based system. All the crypto tokens transactions are realized through Ethereum blockchain and Smart Contracts.


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