Prosecutors To Seize Over 500 Bitcoins Worth About $5.1 Million

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    Four people have been indicted for making fake Identity cards. One person was from Perrysburg, Ohio and three others from Toledo area. With this indictment, the prosecutors are now seeking to seize more than 500 bitcoins which estimate to about $5.4 million said to be resulting from illegal profits.

    Other than the 500 bitcoins with is estimated to be worth $5.1 million, the prosecutors have also seized about $8,603 in cash, gold and silver coins and bars with an approximate value of $265,299 as part of the investigation.

    At the moment, the four individuals are not considered guilty since an indictment is merely a charge but not an outright criminal sentence. In this case, the accused have a right to a fair trial, in which they are assigned a legal defense in a court of law.

    The accused had made and transferred documents which looked like personal identification cards and drivers’ licenses all issued by the states of Ohio, Michigan, and Utah. According to the indictment, the alleged crime happened between June 2013 and February 2018.

    This case is handled by the partnership of Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office and the United States Attorney’s Office. Assistant United States Attorneys Robert W. Kern and Noah P. Hood are perusing the case based on the investigation by the Ohio Department of Public Safety-Ohio Investigative Unit, United States Secret Service, and Wood County Prosecutor’s Office.

    The four accused individuals in the indictment are Aaron Kuns, 33, Mark Alex Simon, 34, and Benjamin Stalets, 28, from Toledo and Sarah Alberts from Perrysburg.

    The court is set to determine the sentences of the accused individuals after a close review of unique factors to the case, like any prior criminal records, the characteristics of the violation and the defendant’s exact role in the offenses above.

    Meanwhile, Bitcoin has been hovering around $11,000 after apparently discovering a new floor that followed a landslide in January 2018. If the persecutors get to reach this batch of bitcoins, they might auction them on the market hence making the price to drop.


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