FAT Taiwan Inc. Airline Accepts Cryptocurrency Payment For Its Air Tickets


As the cryptocurrencies market continue to expand across the world, more shops, businesses, and startups are also accepting different forms of virtual currencies.

Now, FAT Taiwan Inc., the Taiwanese airline has proclaimed that it will be accepting crypto payments for the airline tickets. This advancement makes it the first Taiwanese airline to make it possible for their clients to fly using the virtual currency.

The airline announced that it would be accepting cryptocurrency fully for payment of the tickets and every other relevant service, with the goal of becoming the cryptocurrency pioneer for adopting this mode of currency within the aviation industry. Buying tickets using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, the customer will be receiving a discount for over 20,000 flights.

The president of FAT Taiwan Inc., Zhang Gangwei enlightened that cryptocurrencies have a bright future adding that the tourism sector will positively embrace them.

Mr. Zhang also stated that the widespread use of the digital currency in different scenarios would welcome a new future for the airline industry, OTA, lodging business, and the whole of the tourism sector. He further noted that FAT had become the No. 1 airline in the industry to embrace and implement the crypto and blockchain technology.

A Tapei-based airline founded in 1957 was the most popular carrier for the domestic routes of Taiwan. At the moment, FAT is well positioned to appeal to the growing number of Bitcoin users across the world, specifically Asia which has its international travel routes to Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Some airlines from a different part of the world started accepting cryptocurrency payments earlier. In 2014, AirBaltic of Latvia became the first airline in the world to allow Bitcoin payment for its services. LOT Polish Airlines is another European airline which allowed bitcoin payment, but all over sudden, stopped in 2017 and stopped supporting it.

Bearing in mind its target markets and home, it’s not a surprise that FAT Taiwan airline wants to sell itself as the crypto pioneer. Other than the regional media attention it will draw, accepting cryptocurrency payments will undoubtedly attract many ardent bitcoin traders as well as crypto users that the Asian countries like Japan and South Korea are known for.


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