Bithumb Launching Kiosks at Restaurants for Food Orders


Bithumb a Korean crypto exchange is entering the retail kiosk business arena. The company has entered into the market so as to be able to accelerate the crypto adoption in the country.

The company aims to place this payment facilities and the order taking machines in kiosks which shall be placed in cafes and restaurants to enable customers browse menu’s, give their food orders and also be able to pay for the food.

The largest Korean Cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb made an announcement of introducing Touch B brands and entering in the kiosk’s business.

Bithumb aims and has agreed to make supplies for foods and beverage to cafes, small restaurants, franchise stores which shall be under the brand Touch B in partnerships with the kiosks manufactures.

Bithumb applauded its move to enter into the kiosks business so as to be able to provide affordable and valuable benefits with a low cost rent to its small business possessors.

The company has also promised to continue working with various industries undertaking in the blockchain technology so as to be able to provide great solutions for business through this partnership.

Ordering foods using kiosks has been a popular trend in the South Korean country. In the month of February, Bithumb partnered with various kiosks manufactures to include Tros systems, Unos Pay so as to be able to enable supplies for the kiosks.

The kiosks are tailored for small businesses which have a prospect of operating food and beverages franchises, small restaurants and café’s.

The company also aims to charge rental fees that have been 10 percent subsidized in consideration to the current kiosk’s market rental rates.

This therefore is tailored towards helping the small and medium sized enterprises be able to minimize costs, be able to provide efficient operations for stores with an increased sales for the operator’s.

The kiosks are deemed to being multimedia devices that combine touch screens, communications functions and graphics. The kiosks provide an unmanned self-system information guidance with a simplified mode of payment.

Bithumb also plans for the kiosks to take cryptocurrency as one of the payment options. The exchange believes that the kiosk business will create a synergy among all of its offerings.


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