Cryptocurrency Exchange To Launch First Physically Delivered Bitcoin Futures


Coinfloor issued a statement to its customers saying that it had plans to launch more futures which will be used for the digital assets.

The move to be taken is said to include both physical bitcoins which will be delivered during the presentation of future contacts and this will save a lot of time.

The London based platform that is concerned with trade that is coinfloor is aiming at capturing the hedge funds together with trading firms and some traders and investors who are sophisticated putting on notice also the well-known cryptocurrency miners.

The managing director of the firm by the name mark lamb who is also the co-founder of the firm was quoted saying during one of the interviews in a media station that one that the providers of liquidity have in common is that they reason together.

This is a clear indication that once they decide to go physical then the rest will have no option but to abide by their stand and reasoning all the same.

They usually used to deliver future contracts in order for them to easily exchange their hedges across all the perceived changes in the known markets.

Lamb also went further to praise the activities of the company saying that it will form a better part in the upcoming generation in changing the people’s lifestyles through the involvement in trading activities.

He urged them to promote good relationships and support one another when it came the time of need .the formation of cooperatives was also captured and it was said that it will enable them to get the attention of many customers around Europe.

The only thing they will be required to do is to offer high quality services and use a well and common currency that will favor all the traders.

The customers were also thanked and promised to be given the first priority when it comes to serving them. The managing director also thanked his fellow members for the support they have given him in the operation of the firm.


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