Maduro’s Cryptocurrency ‘Genius’ Once Pushed US Sanctions


    Gabriel Jimenez, 27, having stood alongside President, Nicolas Maduro and two other Russian businessmen was hurled to fame after the Trio signed a contract to position Petro currency.

    Petro inaugurated

    Petro is a commonly known company that was founded and is being led by young Venezuelans, who are believed to have one of the most technologically advanced companies. Being the world’s first state-backed digital currency, Maduro repeatedly hailed Petro as a way to overcome prevention of his cash-tied government from being able to issue debts.

    It is however believed that, the Trumps administration has placed in force a ban prohibiting Americans in dealing with the Cryptocurrency believed to be benefiting the Venezuelan government.

    Jimenez as an opposition

    Surprisingly, Jimenez had been agitating for the boycott on the Venezuela’s cryptocurrencies as a way of punishing the Venezuela leader for destroying the oil rich economy and also jailing his opponents. Jimenez is believed to have spent years working in a bank based in the Dominican Republic where his father was a top manager and who was later convicted amongst the executives upon the collapse of the bank.

    Jimenez worked as an intern in Washington. Being one of Maduro’s strongest critics, he had indicated that his main goals from the Internship was to gain knowledge and have an experience about the defense of democracy. He has overtime been remembered as a passionate government anti-crusader having helped organize for the Trip for freedom Caravan that pressured the Obama’s administration to lift sanctions on Maduro’s government.

    Jimenez having turned now to support the same government he was criticizing, to his former boss this appears like he wanted to use the freedom that was provided to him by the United States so as to advance Maduro’s regime. Ros-Lehtinen in a statement said that all those in support of Petro should equally be lined up for sanctions and should expect the consequences of having turned against people.

    Jimenez in an interview however defended his move to work for the government as beyond a political cause and that he only wished to empower the struggling Venezuelans to feed themselves amidst the tough economies.


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