BitARG Refutes Claims That YJFX Plots The Acquisition For The Crypto Exchange


    It was a short while back that Yahoo Japan (YJFX) stepped forward and made known its intention of unveiling a brand new Japanese cryptocurrency exchange. One notable thing from its recent statement was the fact that it would be moving ahead with its plan to acquire BitARG Exchange Tokyo.

    Basically, that happens to be a platform paying a significant deal of attention to the buying and selling of Bitcoins and if all moves according to plan we might any time soon wake up to the news about the set up of a new cryptocurrency trading platform.

    Yoon Hee Yuan happens to be one of the top executives working with BitARG and he has been rather outspoken of late. In his latest statement, he strongly refuted the claims and anyone listening to him could easily tell that he had been closely following the latest developments in the virtual currency industry.

    He disclosed that for over quite sometime they had been looking into a number of possibilities, including partnerships as well as investments with a wide range of other companies in the sector. According to him, the goal was to do all within their means to ensure that they succeeded at strengthening their system and the management as well though to this point in time no solid decision had been arrived at yet.

    The crpto space is rather wanting in terms of the dedication that it requires from any party that wishes to venture in it. One must be ready to come face to face with a series of challenges in order to be able to make it in the long run.

    The news that are popping up at the moment is about the decision by the Japanese Government to stage a crack down on the crypto exchanges. An official working for the government has opened up outlining that to this point in time they have managed to issue out a number of administrative punishment notices in a bid to regulate matters.

    It is a move that has been praised by most of the concerned parties and it is understandable considering that sometime back there was a Coincheck exchange hack that culminated in the theft of about 500 million NEM.


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