Monera Stages A Strong Resistance To The Antminer X3 Via New Software Update


The new software update is the strategy Monera is considering best in its quest to resist Antminer X3.The Monero developers are determined, now more than ever in staging a strong fight against the ASICs. A person well conversant with the matter has disclosed that the software update couldn’t have been possible without the new proof of work algorithm.

In the standoff between ASICs and the personal computing gear, Monero ended up siding with the “little guys” who engage in cryptocurrency mining utilizing their systems with a software update. Saturday was the day that the software was uploaded.

Riccardo Spagni may be saying things that many might be having difficulties accepting, but the reality of the matter remains that he has been proving the best advice. It was just recently when he send out a warning to people and of course that was in relation to the Antminer X3 and the earlier projections that it would be working with Monero on Twitter. The passage of time has vindicated him since it is true the Antminer X3 won’t be working with Monero on Twitter.

He delved deeper into the matter to outline that the proof of work (PoW) algorithm was something that kept shifting and in this particular case it changed in every six months. That was  complicated matters a huge deal since it got even more challenging for ASICs to move ahead with the permanent mining of Monero.

From a technical perspective it is indeed possible for ASICs to undertake a technical update of its firmware each time that if an algorithm change pulls along. However, it is crucial to outline that it would be a matter that would call for the elimination of any hardware-level specialization in the chip and that would end up rendering it as inefficient as an x86 processor or GPU.

Setting the records straight is a good thing since it helps a lot of the business persons to strike a much better understanding of matters they find complex. It would be wrong for anyone to perceive Monero’s fight against ASICs as a strategy set in place to simplify matters for the small miners.


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