Coupit Targets The Use Of Blockchain To Give A Major Lift To Revolutionary Marketing


Analysts are eventually coming to the conclusion that the e-commerce market has been experiencing immense growth lately. But that is not all there is to say in that particular regard since it has also been discovered that the number of persons choosing to shop online have been moving higher and higher with the passage of time. The same analysts have proceeded to outline that the e-commerce might soon boost its share of retail sales from 7.4% to 14.65 by the time 2020 arrives.

But is worth noting that several issues continue to pop up and they are weighing down the industry in a pretty significant way. The affiliate programs and the powerful loyalty are some of the issues that might need to be resolved.

The existing ones are basically associated with false reviews as well as with the lengthy payment processes. The most difficult part lies in the fact that it is very much difficult to move ahead and prove the rating systems and the integrity reviews within the centralized and the closed platforms.

Usually, most of the end-users do not receive anything substantial from the existing loyalty programs and that serves as a rule. It culminates into the distorted assessments and that is in close consideration of the fact that quite a large number of those users who have a positive experience do not come out actively to make the posting of their reviews and of course that is when brought into close relation to the ones identified with the negative experiences.

The Coupit team is slowly waking up to the reality regarding the significant value the blockchain technology can channel to e-commerce. But what is the great part about placing e-commerce and the loyalty programs on the blockchain?

It is fundamentally about the setting in place of a transparent, secure, and easy-to-use decentralized ecosystem and thus bring about the possibility of eliminating the third party standing between the affiliate partners and the e-commerce business. Asides from that, it is anticipated that such a solution could help much in terms of promoting cryptocurrencies  which market observers believe is a good thing.


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