Great American Solar Eclipse 2017: Roundup of major coverages

Total Solar Eclipse

The Great American Solar Eclipse 2017 is a few days away from us, but the hype is already building up across the web and rightly so because it is for the first time in 99 years that a total solar eclipse will occur across the entire continental United States.

Viewability of the August 21 total solar eclipse is being looked into right now by scientific organizations in the US including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. NOAA has used hourly climate data from more than 800 weather stations to map viewability percentages for the total solar eclipse on August 21. The probabilities are based on data logged from 2001 to 2010. According to NOAA data viewers in the heartland and Intermountain West are at the best odds to view the solar eclipse because of clear blue skies.

While the event will be a special one for those in the US, the country’s space agency is going to ensure that everyone across the world have a first row seat to the event through its multi-hour show, Eclipse Across America: Through the Eyes of NASA, during which it will show unprecedented live video of the celestial event, along with coverage of activities in parks, libraries, stadiums, festivals and museums across the nation, and on social media.

Coast to coast, from Oregon to South Carolina, 14 states will — over a span of almost two hours — experience more than two minutes of darkness in the middle of the day. When the Moon completely blocks the Sun, day will turn into night and make visible the otherwise hidden solar corona, the Sun’s atmosphere. Bright stars and planets also will become visible. Using specialized solar viewing glasses or other equipment, all of North America will be able to view at least a partial eclipse lasting two to four hours.

What are other news outlets saying about the Great American Solar Eclipse 2017? are only a few spots across the U.S. from which you can get an ideal view of the total solar eclipse on August 21. Hotel rooms in some of those places have been booked years in advance, while others are booting customers with existing … A room for August’s total eclipse could cost you $1500 a night—or, in one spot, $120 – CNBC, Ky., (July 11, 2017) — The West Kentucky 4-H Camp in Dawson Springs is in the direct path of a total solar eclipse that will occur Aug. 21. Kentucky 4-H is taking this rare opportunity to host a Solar Eclipse Camp there, so young people … Kentucky 4-H to Host Solar Eclipse Camp for Historic Event – UKNow (press release) Wednesday in Salem, renting out a room in your house for a night or two through companies like Airbnb is going to be a bit like driving a car: You’ll need a license. That’s because Salem city councilors passed regulations last month that take … Salem rules for Airbnb go into effect before 2017 solar eclipse – Statesman Journal sits about 30 miles north of Kearney, along the path of totality’s center line, where the eclipse will last longest. Ravenna economic development director Gena McPherson said she’s heard lodging in Kearney is “slim pickings,” and Ravenna itself … Nebraska city along eclipse’s path of totality adds 125 lakeside campsites – Lincoln Journal Star Aug. 21, a total solar eclipse will be visible from the continental United States. It’ll be the first to traverse coast to coast in nearly a century. There will be 69 total solar eclipses visible from somewhere on the planet in the next 100 years …Space.comRapid City JournalDetroit Free Press – Here’s every total solar eclipse happening in your lifetime. Is this year your best chance? – Washington Post Aug. 21, Oregon will experience a rare total solar eclipse. That morning, the moon will completely obscure the sun in a narrow path that stretches across the entire state. And you can bet that many people watching this astronomical showstopper will … 2017 total solar eclipse tie-in products: What sizzles, and what fizzles – we have not made plans for the total eclipse of the Sun that crosses the USA on 21 August, our options are dwindling fast. Many rooms and campsites along the path of totality are already booked and it is only within that path, no more than 115km … – The great American total solar eclipse – The Guardian


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