Lightning Network Creator Is Working On Bitcoin Cash ‘Splitter’

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Tadge Dryia, the creator of Lightning Network is developing an experimental tool he believes will help bitcoin users safely retrieve there newly created bitcoin cash.

To circle back, on August 1st, a group of users and mining pools who didn’t agree with bitcoin’s technical direction broke off to innovate a new cryptocurrency bitcoin cash, hoping to attract more users. Because of the way it “forked” from the blockchain, majority of users of bitcoin at the time are now left with an equal amount of bitcoin cash and those funds are connected to their existing wallets.

Free cryptocurrency. Sounds awesome, huh? The bad part is that forks open the chances of “replay attacks,” where transactions on one chain are duplicated on the other, and which have lost users funds previously.

And though bitcoin cash is priving themselves as being able to attack this problem in a safe manner, Dryia has fears about the software that highlight the politics and mistrust still floating around after the fork.
“I don’t want to run BCH [bitcoin cash] software as I don’t trust the people writing it,” he reported.
The experimental tool, called Gooddelivery, is targerted to give users another option for safely cutting off bitcoin cash tokens and moving them elsewhere- for instance, to a new address or to an exchange to trade.

Though, he doesn’t recommend that users make real transactions with it just yet.

Dryja also reported that the other reason for Goodeliver is that he doesn’t foresee it as a one-time-only tool. Since bitcoin cash has had “relative success” in fixing up a new network, he anticipates the new coin could motivate other future forks, specifically now that its proven it’s possible to make money from such splits.

Notwithstanding accumulated Goodeliver to assist users, though, Dryja added he’s not a supporter of forks like the one that produced bitcoin cash: “I view the current crop of hard forks as attacks on bitcoin and the concept of decentralized currency in general. It’s hard to argue to skeptics that bitcoin can have any value or scarcity if anyone can just duplicate it and double the number of coins in existence.”


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