Many Computers Have Been Mining Cryptocurrency Without the User’s Knowledge

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The recent uptick in cryptocurrency prices could ensure that some website’s have an alternative to getting their revenue strictly from advertising. The new method of fundraising may sound odd at first, but it is somewhat revolutionary. The revenue source is referred to as “passive cryptocurrency mining.” This allows the website to use the user’s computer to mine cryptocurrency while it is on the website. As a computer mine’s the currency, the website makes money from said mining. One of the main issues with this process is known as browser cryptojacking, which could compromise the integrity of the system.

Some websites have recently been caught doing this action, which has led to their delegitimization and the delegitimization of the practice as a whole. It is only a small piece of code that allows a website to use the user’s computer without their knowledge. Some websites however, take advantage of this and continue to use the user’s computer even after they log off the website.

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Reactions became very heated as people discovered their computers were running slower than usual. Looking at the data from their CPUs, they noticed a spike that did not make sense. This has been extremely controversial, but it could also become the future.

It is a fact that people do not like massive amounts of advertisements on the websites they visit. This is where this new practice comes in. Sites could offer the ability to not show advertisements if the user allows them to use their computer for mining purposes. For those who don’t know, mining is the process of using computing power to solve equations that when solved, give the user a monetary incentive in the form of cryptocurrency. The hopes are high that this practice can become legitimate and help to reshape how online companies make revenue.


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