What Will Blockchain Look Like in the Near Future?

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Since the invention of blockchain technology only a few years ago, it has become a major part of the internet infrastructure that many have been waiting for. The idea of a decentralized currency exchange method is not new, but it is something that is only now being fully realized.

Bitcoin was created almost ten years ago in 2008, with several new blockchain based currencies leading the way in new technology associated with cryptocurrency. Two individuals who have been highly involved in the crypto space for quite some time are Gavin Wood, former CTO and Co-Founder of Ethereum along with Jute Steiner, also formerly part of the Ethereal foundation. Both have gone on to launch new apps in the space that have been met with high amounts of acclaim in their own respects.

The two have gone on to launch a company that builds core technology and decentralized apps of Dapps for business and organizations using blockchain technology known as Parity Technologies.

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Wood also went on to found the Web3 Foundation, which is one of the main companies responsible for the Polkadot Protocol, a project that is working to create an internet based on blockchain. This company recently has gone on to have an extremely successful ICO or initial coin offering and looks to continue its success in the future.

As more and more companies come into the blockchain space, the future of the technology remains widely speculative. There are many applications across various markets including healthcare, finance, and more. With such an extreme array of possibilities, it will only take dedicated individuals to continue to move the industry forward. Blockchain may be a relatively new technology, but the industry that is based on it is something that is breaking through many of the barriers we have had for quite some time.


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