New Payment Processing ICO to Launch in December

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Cryptocurrencies have had a difficult time being adopted by the public, mostly due to the fact that they are extremely complex to run and previously had been to invest in as well. Truckcoin is a new company that aims to change this, and increase the usability of the currency as well. Many recent initial coin offerings or ICOs have not been successful due to the illegitimacy of a few.

Truckcoin is one of a handful of more legitimate cryptocurrencies that have arisen on the market, and on the first day of its launch, the company stated that all the coins were sold out. As the public perception of these types of businesses change, the market will become more and more legitimate and additionally will have a better rapport with investors overall. Truckcoin works by providing an additional layer of security to investors by shuffling their public keys.

This adds a layer of security that is not usually found in the crypto industry, and should help to inspire some level of confidence within the industry. Truckcoin also is working to help facilitate the sending and receiving of remittances from different countries. This is a very large market and could represent a large chunk of revenue for the company.

Don’t Forget to Join our FREE Text list! From Your Cell Phone Text the Phrase CRYPTO to 474747

One of the biggest challenges remains giving the opportunity to those who are not used to how the cryptocurrency industry works and still have preconceived notions about it. If they can successfully allow for these types of investors to get into the market, it will make it substantially easier to have the ICO and subsequent company become successful in the future. The hopes are high that Truckcoin can be added to the list of legitimate coin producing companies in the space and provide investors with solid returns as time goes on.


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