How the Fears Surrounding Cryptocurrency Will Only Increase During the Next Year


Cryptocurrency is something that many fear as soon as they hear the word. With widespread misunderstanding of the world and of course the underlying technology, the world surrounding cryptocurrency is quite interesting. Those who are informed in the crypto world swear that it is the next big currency, and those who are not think the opposite. The frenzy surrounding the newly released cryptocurrency futures is something that is unseen in this world.

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Many people have heard the now big names associated with the cryptocurrency world, and are beginning to put their money into it. One of the big names in the cryptocurrency world, Konstantinos Karagiannis, the Chief Technology Officer at BT Americas stated that “there’s fear on two sides: financial and technical. Financial is mostly that it’s a bubble. Every time bitcoin pulls back in price, someone says it’s a bubble. Technical is that coins will be: lost, stolen/hacked, or just plain frauds, as is the case with some ICOs.” Karagiannis stated that there are several trends he is looking at for the coming year. One of those trends is “fraud. We’re not done with scams like ICOs that are not real, or sites that will get you into a pool of some sorts for a set fee. Creative theft in the real world. Someone was just kidnapped to try and get their coins. This could get worse. Hacking of course.

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A lot of exchanges still make basic security mistakes. Ethical hacking needed here.” The hopes are high that the world surrounding cryptocurrency will begin to settle down as the hype around price surges peters out. As many become informed, hopefully the market will be able to see some sort of stabilization as it is historically known for its high volatility.


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