What is Tron and How Does it Work?


Tron is one of the latest currencies to enter the cryptocurrency space and it continues to break barriers and provide high returns for those who invest. Tron is something that is of course traded online, but compared to other currencies such as bitcoin, Tron works by connecting the entertainment world with the financial industry.

Tron’s main premise is to allow users to publish, store and own data by creating a decentralized platform to do so. The company has stated that they are in the hopes of competing against some of the biggest guys in the internet industry such as Google and Facebook. They plan to do so by overwriting the existing high fees with consuming entertainment, and providing alternative ways of financial gain.

Tron has been available since the beginning of September and the strength of the coin has managed to persevere regardless of time. The coin was driving at $0.0021 as of the beginning of December, and currently it is somewhere around $0.21, which shows an almost 1000% gain in only a month. At this point, many would probably ask where they can get the currency, and that is not too simple of an answer. As with most alternative coins, the best way to purchase is to first buy bitcoin.

Once the owner has bitcoin they can go onto a myriad of different exchanges online to purchase TRX or Tron. Like any coin, Tron has some risks associated with it as well. The main risk with the coin is synonymous with all cryptocurrencies and that is the volatility of the currency. Tron is quite volatile which can mean large gains, but unfortunately, large losses as well. Anyone looking to get into the crypto industry should first learn the ins and outs before putting any money in.

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