Experts Project Ethereum Classic Price Might Today Hit A New All-Time High

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Anyone that had the opportunity to make a close follow up on most of the cryptocurrency markets yesterday will quite agree that it was a day marred by negative trading pressure. Today pulls along with quite attractive news since some positive momentum is being witnessed at the moment. Fundamentally, the Ethereum Classic price is depicting an upward momentum and much can of course be attributed to the solid 17.7% gain that was witnessed in the last 24 hours.

Projections from market experts show that if matters unfold as per the expectations the Ethereum Classic price might end up surpassing $40 or a figure above that in the course of today’s trading session.

It is worth noting that that most cryptocurrency markets might end up witnessing a significant bounce in the current year according to market analysts following closely on the latest developments in the market.

At this point in time it is still unclear whether or not we will be experiencing substantial increases in the near future but one thing that is for a fact is that the momentum is definitely moving in favor of cryptocurrencies yet again. It goes without saying that definitely this is great news for those that have been making speculations in line with the Ethereum Classic price at the moment.

But how can this be brought into focus in the most appropriate way? Basically, the Ethereum Classic price has scaled up by 17.7% and that is of course in the last 24 hours. Anyone with an in-depth understanding about the cryptocurrency market will agree that the change is a representation of a significant gain.

The monumental increase places the Ethereum Classic price at about $38.4 and experts have been making projections that in a short while we will see it hit the $40 mark. That implies that in the course of today we might be seeing an all-time high.

An official well conversant with the matter opined, “With Ethereum Classic scaling up by 12.11% in favor of Bitcoin, it is evident there is a lot more progress to be seen in the future. After all, most altcoins are trying to decouple from Bitcoin’s volatility as of the moment, yet very few of them are successful in doing so.”


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